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Carlton Draught

Icons for Carlton Draught ‘Draught Pick’ website.


POS machine illustration for ANZ


I produced T-shirt graphics for girls spring / summer apparel.
Carhartt’s brief had an outdoors, forest, leaves, wood and trees kind of feel.


Skittles asked me to pitch some characters to adorn their packets in the UK. I had lots of fun interpreting the ‘Crazy Sours’ flavours.
I still don’t know why they never used these!

Orange ‘Mob Mates’

Ever get one of those dream illustration jobs? Orange hired me to produce a series of characters for their ‘mob mates’ digital campaign.
We also made a cool avatar-creation tool where people could create their own characters using assets drawn by me. Awesome fun.


Elle (Japan)

I produced editorial illustrations for Japanese Elle magazine, for a feature on ‘what  girls like’.
I also produced an all-over print for a free scarf.

The Neon Hive

Boutique digital agency ‘The Neon Hive’ asked me to produce some fun, colourful and friendly characters for a footwear brand. Here’s some of what I did.